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Summer is just about over and Autumn starts September 22nd!

September is Self-Improvement Month, which includes your skin, body, mental state or lifestyle.

We start the month honoring you on Labor Day(Sept. 4th). Take an extra day of rest or schedule that last summer trip! But remember, don’t let life pass you by. Connect with and learn from your elders on Grandparents Day (Sept. 10th).

Need some motivation? Look to the stars! Discover what’s trendy during 

New York Fashion Week (Sept. 7th – 14th). A few days later, check out what television’s best are doing and wearing at the Emmy Awards (Sept. 17th). Which hairstyle or outfit will have social media buzzing or have you running out to the store the next day?

Of course, remember to protect your skin from the September sun. Stop in and see us at Le Visage Spa & Wellness for the best products.

Check out all the wonderful promotions we have in this month’s e-zine!

We wish you a happy and productive September from all of us here at 

Le Visage!

All Our Best!


Have the summer’s harsh rays made your skin dry and dull?

Let us help you repair your pores with a Rejuvenating Facial!

Reserve a RejuvaLift Facial and receive a

complimentary Celluma Treatment!

Price: $135 (a $185 value!) 


Want beautiful lashes? 


Having long full lashes is the latest trend! 

Reserve your first Lash Extension appointment and receive a Lash Kitten Perfect Finish as our gift to you!


Soft, smooth skin can be yours!


Remove dead skin cells with a Body Scrub to help exfoliate your body, leaving your skin silky soft.


Complete your spa treatments with a relaxing Massage to help you hydrate and experience total renewal!


Have a teenager who is suffering from acne? 

Due to high treatment demand, let’s be clear! Help your teen boost their confidence and self-esteem. Let our Aestheticians customize a Skincare Regimen that will work for your teen.

Call today to reserve your experience and receive 15% OFF any of our LV Clinical products from the Oily/Problematic Skincare Line!


There are hundreds of ways to improve yourself!

Moving around and staying active are key to improving your productivity and your quality of life. This is especially important this time of year as children have moved from relaxed summer mode to busy school routines.

Here are some things you can do for self-improvement:

Eat healthier. Make it a point to eat smart. Let breakfast kick-start your day and don’t eat too late at night.

Get better-looking skin. You must treat your skin. If you have problem areas, you need to address them.

Regain your shape. A weekly exercise routine along with spa treatments will help you maintain a healthy weight and figure.

Improve your image. Yes, image is everything. How you look and act is how others will perceive you.

Also, start the day by waking up early. With an already-active mindset, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever is thrown at you.

Next, have a weekly exercise routine. It’s easier to remain motivated when you know what to do and you’ll be in better physical shape. Don’t despair though - you can mix up your exercises! Utilize a pick-me-up if you need one. There are plenty of mentors and coaches available out there to help you achieve your goals, or ask a friend.

You can also challenge yourself for 30 days. This time frame is long enough - but not too long - to act, review and analyze.

Meditation is also important. You can’t disregard your mind and its need to stay calm. A relaxed persona will allow for better sleep, too.

Finally, and most importantly, incorporate Le Visage Spa & Wellness into your weekly plans. Whether you’re in need of a facial, pedicure or manicure, putting it on the calendar ensures that it will get done.

Following these suggestions for self-improvement will put you on the road to a better quality of life while staying on the move!


As Fall approaches, we typically visualize bowls of heavy, warm comfort food and sweet treats. But, as we transition to a new season, our bodies really need to be cleansed – a.k.a. detoxed. This tasty, crunchy arugula salad contains cleansing seasonal vegetables, dried fruit and is mixed with walnuts to create a satisfying meal loaded with vitamins and minerals. Head on down to your local farmers market today and pick up these fresh ingredients to create this delicious detox salad!


See you soon at Le Visage Spa and Wellness!

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